About US

Cultura Africa organization aims to promote cooperation between Czech citizens and Africans who live in the Czech Republic through cultural and educational activities and thereby seeks to contribute to building a tolerant multicultural environment and a mature civil society.

  • realize multicultural programs for schools and other educational institutions on the theme: life in Africa, culture, arts, development cooperation, but also racism, xenophobia and intercultural education
  • We play African fairytales for children and creating music and dance performances
  • African students and Africans provide advice
  • We support the sale of Fairtrade products
  • We implement volunteer programs in African countries

Cultura Africa has the legal status of the civic association, which was registered by the Ministry of Interior on 12. 2. 2005. The organization consists of the General Assembly, including all members of the association, as well as five-member Executive Committee and the Executive Director, who represents the organization externally.