African artist Maurice Yeka in Czech Republic

Cultura Africa hosts the African artist Maurice Yeka in the Czech Republic.

Maurice Yeka is a professional dancer, choreographer and visual artist originally from the Democratic Republic of Congo. He currently lives and works in Uganda.

In his artistic works illustrates the painful history of his country, its people living their everyday lives and emotions based on separation from his home.



We will organize Maurice:

  • Workshops African traditional and modern dance
  • multicultural lecture on “The meaning and roots of African dance and African dancer’s life”
  • a dance performance entitled “How to Dance Saved My Life”
  • art symposium

Lectures and dance performances are conceived as a multicultural workshops suitable for primary and secondary schools and other educational institutions. Include dance Introduction (5 minutes), lecture What is hidden in the roots of dance and African dance (30 min), dance performance (30 min) and a final discussion (20 min).


Dance workshops are open to all dancers who want to enrich their repertoire of motion East African dance elements.


Dance performances are suitable for theaters, festivals, social events, etc.


Maurice Yeka


Maurice is an international dancer, choreographer and teacher of African contemporary and traditional dance. It focuses on understanding the inner movement from the perspective of diverse traditions of their country and culture.

Maurice was born in 1981 in Bunia in the former Zaire (now Congo). Dancer path already began as a youngster in your modern dance group in Congo (Congolese ensemble of modern dance), with whom he performed throughout the country. He was one of the best dancers and choreographers in this group. Talent Maurice also helped develop Linyenkula Faustin, director and choreographer of Kabako Studio in the capital Kinshasa.

After high school graduation in Bunia Maurice was forced, due to a conflict that shook the country, fleeing to the neighboring country of Uganda. There is also devoted to dance, and in addition are studied Fine Art at Makerere University in Kampala. Dance also studied with renowned dancer Reginald Kambale, artistic director of the dance group Ngoma, which was the first dance company to which Uganda joined.

As a teacher of dance and art Maurice traveled through the countries of East Africa. Workshops were held led by professional dancers, artists, but also for example for street children. Treat your buddies with African food dishes.

In 1999 Maurice founded the dance troupe Dance Makaramba, which consists of dancers and poets. The performance of the group is a fascinating mixture of dance and movement theater sometimes bordering avantgarde.

Maurice continues to explore and develop their artistic style. Inspiration from the painful history of their country and their countrymen and emotions stemming from life outside his home. Mauricova lifelong love for dance, music and African culture in America has a great influence on his artistic expression. Maurice has a great gift of dance to teach and pass on.