Best Automatic Litter Box 2017 | Self Cleaning Litter Box

What is the purpose of technology? To make life easier and simpler. Isn’t it? For all cat owners, litter management is something that requires the help. And for the same reason, different automatic litter boxes have been made available. But most of them have just got the hype, and are low performing.

Best Automatic Litter Box – PetSafe Simply Clean Review

Our favorite choice for the Best Automatic Cat Litter Box is none other than PetSafe Simply Clean system. This is a reasonable pick, and environment-friendly too. For the disposal of the waste make use of grocery bags on the receptacle end, and throw it off. But there is more with this litter box which you must know!

Best Automatic Litter Box

Features of PetSafe Simply Clean

People have mentioned their worries relating to the clumped litter, PetSafe can handle them perfectly. It does not require any scooping, this way the cleaning won’t be a messy work for you.

Starting with the installation, the setup is easy! In the same way, cleaning part is also quick. Especially for all those busy working owners. Comparing the unit with the traditional litter boxes, this has got less clumping litter in it. There is one container provided on one end. You can place one recyclable bag in it, and get the waste disposed of without creating any mess. This will maintain a clean and odor-free environment in your home.

This is an automatic machine which does the cleaning work on its own. PetSafe maintains a good healthy environment for you as well as your pet. It is capable of cleaning the unit continuously throughout the day, without disturbing your cat. Working rightly on the odor control, and keeps the waste all out of sight. Best suitable for the cats weighing 15 pounds or less.

Coming to the size and construction, this comes with a compact shape. Therefore not much suitable for multiple cat households though. Another point to note here is that this litter box takes care of the cat well. You won’t find any moving component while the cat is using the system.

How does this PetSafe Simply Clean work?

You are now aware of the system and their features. But how does the litter box work?

PetSafe Simply Clean work

First, you need to buy some clay litter, and then add it to the Litter Box. You will find one line marked which indicates the level till which the litter should be filled. For best results, you must fill till the line given on the system.

After the cat is done with their business, the bowl starts rotating in slow motion. This is triggered only in the absence of the cat. There is one conveyor belt which takes along the waste and transfers it into the waste receptacle provided on one end. Then finally remove the container, and dispose of the waste. You can make use of one plastic lining for more easy clean-up.


  • No Scooping, No Odour, and No Mess. This is what PetSafe believes in.
  • This product does not require any additional component for working or maintenance.
  • It is a complete time savior, and even your cat will be pleased with the quick set litter box.
  • The unit is not dependent on the user schedule and performs the process at the proper time.
  • PetSafe wishes to provide solutions so that the user gets to spend more time with their pets.
  • You don’t require the need to touch or see the waste since they are directly transferred onto the belt and passed to the receptacle end.


Users have mentioned about the system is less durable. It is recommended to follow the instructions rightly during setup, and use the unit in the same manner as it is given in the manual. Also, there is a one year warranty. Therefore, you can get the problem fixed if it is within the warranty.

Some Additional Tips 

Check out some Quick Litter Box Tips for getting the best Effective use with the PetSafe Litter Box.

  1. Your cat might take some time with adjusting with the new litter box. For getting things easy for them, you can leave the old litter box uncleaned for days. This will ultimately lead your kitty to get started with the new Litter Box.
  2. Make sure that you get the right suitable and quality cat litter for this machine. Low-quality litter will only damage the box.
  3. Do not overfill the litter box, as it will end up with littering your room badly.
  4. Buying one litter mat is recommended while using this PetSafe Litter Box.

You are all set now! Go for it!

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