Tips for Water Softener Installation and Maintenance

Proper use of a Water Softener is only possible if it is installed and maintained in the right way. So, you have invested your time and effort in choosing the Water Softener. You have to give the same effort for the setup and maintenance too. We will cover both these key elements, in this single post.

Water Softener is a piece of equipment which does the task of softening the hard water. Minerals including calcium and magnesium are the ones responsible for hard water. Softener simply replaces both these elements with the sodium ions. This makes the soft water saltier than the hard water.

Tips for Water Softener Installation and Maintenance

You can either get a new softener or rent a used one. The renting option may seem feasible to you, but in the long run, it will cost you a lot with high maintenance charges. So, we will suggest buying a new Water Softener for home.

Tips for Water Softener Installation and Maintenance

We assume that you have bought your new softener, and are all set to install it. There are many factors which need to be considered before starting the setup procedure.

If you already had a softener at home, then choose the same location for installation. Whereas, if you are new to the softeners then read on the Installation tips given below.

Water Softener Installation Tips

For a new installation, you need to choose a location first. The location must be near to the plumbing area. Some of the preferred places are the garage, basement area, utility rooms. If you have got a water heater, then install the softener near to the heater.

Make sure the location is not congested so that you can easily service the unit whenever needed.

Also, the location must have an adequate temperature; it should not be freezing as well as too scorching.

Avoid installing the water softeners outdoors. This can damage the softener badly.

Coming to the external hook-ups, you will require one drain floor or any similar utility which can work like the sink. Along with this, there must be one electrical receptacle – the one not dependent on the switch.

After this, check on all the tools you have got for installation. Do a check if you missed on anything.

Take the instruction manual, and begin with the setup. You will also find many service helpline numbers too, which can come to your help in case of any queries or complication. So get all the numbers noted way before you start your installation.

Having a helping hand is beneficial while you are up with large systems like the softeners. Call out your best buddy or a companion to help you out.

Water Softener Maintenance

It is a fact that water softener is low on maintenance. You don’t have to invest much for maintaining this system since it does not require it! They are heavy built, and with regular maintenance you won’t face many issues with the unit either.

Water Softener Maintenance

Note down the following points, and follow them for maintaining the Water Softener in the best way.

  1. It is important to opt for a good quality Salt for regeneration. You may get attracted to the rock salt as it is cheaply available. But after certain usage time, it leaves out a lot of sediments on the brine tank’s surface. Thus less amount of salt dissolves in the brine tank, which makes the resin beads inactive. This will eventually affect the functioning of the overall unit. So choose the Salt wisely!
  2. Go for the purest form of the salt, which will leave less residue on the surface.
  3. Only considerable amount of salt is to be added inside the softener. If your salt tank is still half filled, then you don’t have to add salt in this case. So, wait till the maximum amount of the solution is used up, and do not add salt for more than 2/3rd of the container.
  4. Another equally important component which requires being checked  – Rust condition.
  5. Carry out the cleaning of the brine tank, at least once in a year.
  6. The final thing to check is the drain line. If you have got any confusion with this component, then contact a professional for setup. It is important as any other processing section, so you don’t take it a light issue.

That’s all with the maintenance and care of a Water Softener. If you find it difficult then, you can hire some expert for getting the task done. Get every point checked, and reviewed by the hired professional.

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